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  • Jane Un Ju Choi

Ode to Pat McGrath

Oh, Pat McGrath how I adore thee

and hate thee

all at the same time

I don’t actually hate thee

I cherish thee

How can you be so wet and shiny

all at the same time?

You don't just sparkle; you blend like no other.

You don’t just shine; you glisten like no other.

I speak nothing but the truth.

You are silky and buttery smooth.

Highly pigmented yet,

blends so easily. Working together so harmoniously.

You know this surely,

I savor every moment you’re on me.

My eyes loves you.

My face loves you.

I cherish you.

This isn’t just an infatuation,

you are an inspiration.

Though you are every cent worthy,

my wallet is crying out for mercy.

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